Our Services
  1. Incorporations
    We will register your Limited Company or partnership with Companies House, draft all necessary resolutions, registers and additional documentation. Assist with HMRC registrations for Corporation Tax, NIC's, PAYE and VAT.
  2. Board & Committee Meetings
    Arranging a meeting date, time and location, , sending the notice and agenda. Taking professional minutes to ensure proper records of all decisions, company performance, regulatory compliance, the company direction and strategy. Recording and collating matters arising and action points.
  3. Company Secretary
    Acting as Company Secretary and arranging all mandatory statutory filings with Companies House and HMRC.
  4. PSC Register
    All UK private companies and LLPs have to create and maintain a register containing people who have significant control ('PSC') over the company or partnership. This register must be made public. Contact us for assistance creating or maintaining your PSC register.
  5. Shareholder Meetings
    Arranging a meeting date, time and location,. Drafting proxies, agenda, and the chairs speach. Attending the meeting to take professional minutes to ensure proper records of all decisions. Acting as adjudicator counting votes and proxies.
  6. Registered Office
    Your Registered Office is your companies official address and is publicly available information. Utilize our Registered Address service to avoid cold callers and junk mail. Boost your professional business image and keep your residential address private.
  7. Corporate Transactions
    We can amend Articles of Association; make Share allotments; Share transfers; Stamp duty payments and relief applications; Share capital increases; Share capital reductions; payment of Dividends and finally voluntarily striking off a company.
  8. Corporate Governance
    Ensuring compliance with the Bribery Act, Data Protection, Money Laundering regulations and Health & Safety legislation. Evaluation of risks, internal audit processes, engagement of stakeholders, transparency and accountability, culture, ethics, policies and practices.
  9. Service Address
    Each Company Director requires a service address. A location where they can be sent important legal notifications. The service address need not be at the director's place of business or home. It can be any address. Many Directors choose to use a second address, rather than have personal details available to the public and easily be searched on the internet. For this reason, many Directors may choose to use a second address, rather than have personal details published.