The Company Secretary or the Directors if no Company Secretary is appointed need to ensure the confirmation statement is filed with Companies House when due and at least annually and that all changes to Director and Persons of Significant control are filed within 14 days. Keep the Registers of the Director and Officers, Shareholders and Persons of Significant Control. Both the complete records and those to be available for public inspection. In addition to keeping records of all Board and Shareholder meetings, normally for at least 10 years.

The Problem

“As the sole Director of my Company, I started to feel very anxious about the administrative sides of having a company, not because I felt like there was a lot to do from a time perspective, but because I wasn’t entirely sure of what it was that I needed to do. I became very overwhelmed by trying to find that information and then that would make me feel even more anxious. I genuinely associate admin with anxiety because I tend to put everything off.”

The Client Said

“Therefore I felt it made more sense to invest in professional support than to try and do it on my own. I wanted someone that I trusted, that could speak to me in plain English about what it was that I needed to do and be proactive. All the communications I receive from Virtual Company Secretary are short simple e-mails, so I know exactly what I need to do and by when. The benefit is I now feel back in control and less stressed because I have professional support in this area.”

Our Approach

There are so many important aspects of running a company, and if you are doing and researching everything yourself, you’re not going to have time to run your operational business, delegation is key and playing to your knowledge and strengths.