Benefits of using a Registered Office provider


All Companies must provide an Address to Companies House, it must be in England or Wales and cannot be a PO Box. The Registered Office Address is kept on the public records, so it can be viewed by anyone wishing to see it. Lists of Registered Addresses are often using for marketing and by fraudsters. Directors can also elect to use the Registered Office as their Service Address for public display ensuring that your residential address is kept off the public register.

The Problem

“At the end of 2019 I realised that the business no longer required our prior building, the cost of rent and other overheads outweighed the benefits of a physical presence, myself and other employees needed to work from home on a regular basis and, we were doing more and more online. Although an important use of the building was as a Registered Office to be filed at Companies House and displayed on our website, invoices, and headed paper. I considered using my home address, however I knew this does not present a professional image and can lead to identity theft.

The Client said

“We no longer rent a premises, we use The Registered Office and Director’s Service Address offering from VCS. Not having a fixed premises had not been an issue, any mail received is scanned by VCS and emailed to us within 48 hours.”

Our Approach

We always recommend using a third party provided Registered Office and Director’s service address to ensure you disclose as little personal information as possible on the public Register at Companies House. This is easy to do when using a Registered Office and Directors Service Address package such as the one we offer.