Case 1

Large block of apartments in central London where leaseholders were unhappy with the actions of the Board of Directors. VCS was engaged to assist the leaseholders with calling a meeting of the members, proposing new Directors and reviewing the Articles of Association which dated back to 1985.

The general meeting of the members agreed to appoint five new Directors. VCS now work with the new Board to record any conflicts and all decisions taken by the Board. We also ensure full compliance on any transfer of leasehold.

Case 2

Block of 10 flats – issues were arising with noise and AirB&B rentals.  VCS was engaged to assist the Directors in updating the Articles of Association to allow the Directors to adopt regulations.  The Regulations dealt with the issues of subletting adding the requirement for approval from the landlord and on soundproofing for flooring.  VCS co-ordinated a general meeting of the members at which it was agreed to adopt the updated articles and the regulations.

Case 3

Collective enfranchisement (buying the freehold) by eight leaseholders – VCS arranged the setup of the Company required for the leasehold enfranchisement adopting bespoke articles. VCS met with clients to explain the process, role of the Directors and ongoing requirements. VCS was engaged to provide the Registered Office and Directors’ Service Addresses to keep the Directors’ residential addresses private. We also carry out all ongoing compliance support including all filings at Companies House, the preparation of statutory accounts, and to ensure full compliance on any transfer of leasehold.

Case 4

Engaged by leaseholders wanting to enfranchise but, in order to afford the freehold, they needed additional investment. VCS set up a separate white knight company to allow the parties investing additional contributions their own shares in the white knight company, which in turn owns shares in the freehold enfranchisement company.

The leaseholders had set up a company to own the freehold; however, on review, the articles of this Company were not appropriate. VCS drafted and arranged the adopting of appropriate articles prior to the enfranchisement, in addition to preparing accounts and HMRC filings to ensure the company was in full compliance.

Case 5

VCS was engaged by leaseholders to set-up a Company Limited by Guarantee for the purpose of obtaining the Right to Manage for a block of 64 flats. Obtained company name to include ‘RTM’ as required and drafted and arranged adoption of articles appropriate for a Right to Manage company.