The benefits of using a Registered Office Address Provider


All Companies must provide a Registered Office Address to Companies House. It must be in England or Wales and cannot be a PO Box. The Registered Office Address is kept on the public records, so it can be viewed by anyone wishing to see it. Lists of Registered Office Addresses are often used for marketing purposes and by fraudsters. Directors can also elect to use the Registered Office Address as their Service Address for public display ensuring that their residential addresses are kept off the public register.

The Problem

“Previously we used the property address for our Company that owns the freehold for the block of flats as none of the Directors wanted to use their home address for this purpose.
However, this caused an issue as occasionally important documents sent via post would go astray. Without a flat number, it wasn’t a real address, therefore some organisations would not accept the address.”


“”The Directors agreed it made more sense to invest in a professional company secretary who could provide us with a Registered Office Address. We wanted someone that would open the mail and email it to us on receipt, advise if any further action was required. The added benefit of all mail being received electronically is it can quickly be added to the cloud-based document storage facility we use for the Company that all Directors have access to.

Our approach

We always recommend using a third party provided Registered Office Address and Director’s Service Address to ensure that mail to received and actioned promptly and to disclose as little personal information as possible on the public Register at Companies House. This is easy to do when using a Registered Office Address and Directors Service Address service such as the one we offer.