Confirmation statement

On the 30 June 2016, the annual return was replaced by the Confirmation Statement for all UK including dormant entities.

To complete your confirmation statement you’ll need to: 

  • check the information held at Companies House about the Companies registered office, directors details, persons of significant control and location of registers. If any of these need changing update these by filing the right form 
  • update your shareholder information, statement of capital and your standard industry classification (SIC codes). 
  • pay the fee 

What are the key differences between the Annual Return and the new confirmation statement?

  • Shorter 14 day submission period, opposed to 28 days
  • No requirement to re-confirm information, that has not changed during period.
  • New form of statement of capital 
  • Fee remains the same but ability to file as many confirmation statements as it wants during the period, at no extra cost.

When to file?

On the date equivalent to the old annual return made up to date, or any time before that. If filed early there will be no requirement to file another confirmation statement until a date 12 months from the date of its last confirmation statement. A company can continue to file on a fixed date if it wishes.

Filing PSC relevant information at Companies House

1st confirmation statement to report the ‘relevant information’ about its PSCs and registrable RLEs to Companies House which will then be available for inspection by the public, excluding the PSC’s residential address or day of birth these will be provided but suppressed. All changes need not be reported until the next CS.

Statements of Capital are being updated

The key change is the removal of the need to show the amount paid up and unpaid on each share. This is being simplified after much feedback from users as to the difficulties the current requirement caused where companies had to separate out their shares in the statement of capital by combinations of amounts paid and unpaid per share which was often problematic for companies with more complex share structures.

Incorporations – additional information to be filed

New incorporation form IN01 & LLIN01 from the 30 June 2016, notable changes SIC codes must be included, new form of initial statement of capital, statement of initial people with significant control.

Central Registers

From 30 June 2016, a private company may elect to keep certain of its statutory registers (e.g. members, directors, secretaries, PSCs etc) centrally at Companies House, rather than keep them at their registered office or SAIL address.   The information required to update the registers must be delivered as soon as reasonably practicable.  If the information is held on the central register at Companies House, it will be available for inspection to anyone via the Companies House website.

The information above does not in any way constitute advice. Specialist expertise and support is highly recommended for any strategic or financial management initiatives you wish to develop for your business.